Your ability to make money is covered by your professional life area. Your professional success is determined by the reward you get for the value you provide. It’s very important that you recognize the end result you expect out of your professional endeavours. Otherwise, you won’t have food on the table or a way to pay your bills. Handling your finances is also tied to this life area because it determines how much money you end up having. The focus of your professional life is money. Examples of things that fall under this life area are business skills, marketing, customer service, professional skills, business projects, productivity, organization, professional competence.

  • When it comes to investments, Better Ask Austin. 😊


    I believe in lifelong learning and currently in the process of studying for CFA exams. Besides, I am working on my dream project called bet on brains, it's my asset management initiative through which I am planning to find, fund, and educate ingenious people to become successful investment managers.


    I am really passionate about building economies by creating and maintaining markets around the globe to help everyone thrive. Financial Models are the backbone in building any economy and financial modelling is the task of building an abstract representation (a model) of a real-world financial situation. It is a mathematical model designed to represent the performance of a financial asset or portfolio of a business, project, or any other investment. Basically, I explore the connections between culture, productivity, credit, and growth to understand how the economy really works. If you have the modelling skills, let's work and grow together by sharing our knowledge.

  • Corporate Finance

    • Business valuation, especially discounted cash flow, but including other valuation approaches.
    • Scenario planning and management decision making.
    • Capital budgeting, including cost of capital (WACC) calculations.
    • Financial statement analysis (including of operating and finance leases, and R&D)
    • Project finance modeling
    • Cash flow forecasting and ALM
    • Credit analysis and Consumer credit risk, impairment and provision modelling
    • Working capital and treasury management
    • Management accounting: Activity based costing, Profitability analysis

    Quantitative Finance

    • Option pricing and calculation of their "Greeks"
    • Other derivatives, especially interest rate derivatives, credit derivatives and exotic derivatives
    • Modeling the term structure of interest rates (bootstrapping / multi-curves, short rate models, HJM) and credit spreads
    • Credit scoring and provisioning
    • Corporate financing activity prediction problems
    • Portfolio optimization
    • Real options
    • Financial risk modeling and value at risk
    • Dynamic financial analysis (DFA)
    • Credit valuation adjustment, CVA, as well as the various XVA
    • Statistical arbitrage, convergence trading and pairs trading
    • Algorithmic trading, High frequency trading
    • Actuarial modeling
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